How It Works.

1. Book Your Session.

You can use the calendar below to schedule your session! I allow for two sessions a day to ensure plenty of time because…

2. Your Session.

We’ll photograph you in different lighting setups and in a variety of outfits you’ve brought with you. There is no time limit on the session. We will keep going until we’ve got lots for you to choose from.

3. Choose Your Images.

After the session we will review your images together. Here is where you will choose your final images for purchase.


$250 - Session Rate

This covers our time in studio together. There is no time limit on our session!

$50 - Per Image

At the end of the session we’ll review the images together. This is when you will choose your images for purchase. Purchased images will be meticulously retouched to strike a balance between perfection and realism; these images will be delivered digitally via e-mail in high resolution.