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“I’m not photogenic.” Have you ever said this? You’re not alone. The vast majority of the people I’ve ever photographed have said this to me before a session, but every one of them has left with images they love! Photogenic is such a misunderstood concept. It’s not about your looks, how far apart your eyes are or how well shaped your brows are or how big your nose is. Being photogenic is how you feel in front of the camera. Through expert coaching, I will help you present your very best self AND teach you how to feel more comfortable and confident in all photos to come!


We live in an HD world. Your headshot will look very high quality; which reflects to the viewer that YOU are very high quality. Humans make a decision about other humans within 500 milliseconds of looking at an image of them! We’ll make sure the first thing they think is “Wow!”


People are drawn to those who project and radiate confidence. Whether you are looking to get hired, cast, or promoted you want to look like a person that knows what they are doing. An excellent headshot tells the viewer you can be trusted to be professional and accomplish any task.


When you appear pleasant, people will want to be around you! Your headshot will tell all who look upon it that you’re good to be around as well as good to work with. We’ll work together to get you looking and feeling like your most relaxed and pleasant self.

Business Headshots

An investment in your professional headshot is an investment in your future. It is important to have a great headshot on your business profile as this will often be the first time a client or potential employer sees your face. Having an excellent headshot of yourself that draws in the viewer has a positive subconscious affect on everyone that sees it.  In a world where digital conferencing is more and more prevalent, having a stunning headshot as your “no video” option is sure to grab attention as well.

Actor Headshots

A clean high quality image tells casting directors that you take yourself seriously as an actor. Headshots for acting should be updated at least every two years, or every time you make a major change to your appearance. Get yourself a headshot that instills casting directors with confidence, and lets them know you are someone they can trust to not only deliver a great performance in their next project but that you’re someone they will want to work with.

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Hi! I'm Rich, and I'm a headshot and portrait photographer in San Diego, California.

Meeting people and creating the best photo they’ve ever had of themselves is my jam! With headshots my focus is on empowering people with an amazing professional headshot that reflects their true self presented at their very best. My portrait photography is designed to get people to let their hair down a bit more and express themselves however they choose while still looking amazing! Have you ever looked at a photo of someone and thought “who IS that?” That’s my goal with every person that steps in front of my camera. I want people to wow those around them and to wow themselves!

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